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Fusion System is a group very talented professionals, they helped us go online, they also update our product details then and there, we are very glad to let Fusion System work for us
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PosPoint of Sales 2009

This software product is a comprehensive business system including Vendor Orders, Inventory Mgt, Payroll with Time Clock, Touch Screen POS , Traditional POS, Wholesale POS, Service Industry Support, Customized reports and more  features.


This Textiles based software ,it includes Yarn purchase, Dyeing, sizing, warping, weaving ,Checking, bale section. This is used for main order, suborder, Agents to follow up there orders.

LomsLOMS 2009

On Line Loom Monitoring System is an effective tool in modern day plant management. The System is a combination of a set of Hardware and Software. The Hardware part is a Machine Terminal with Keyboard.

ManagementManagement 2009

This Software based on Yarn flow in the Textile Industries. So as it will give full management based information for Textiles Manufacturers.(Management Information System)


Remote User GroupRUG

User can access there data at any where using remote user group. In this group we connect our server to internet, via user can access there data.

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